The Aldrain are a race of immortal humans. They are often referred to as the Vanishing Folk or dwenda. They reside primarily in The Ageless Realm. They are described as being beautiful, with bone-white colored skin, gaunt, bone-sharp features, and dark black colored eyes, and do not like the sunlight. They can move impossibly fast and strong, and carry weapons and armor with featureless, sleek helms. They have their own language simply referred to as the Aldrain tongue.

The Aldrain can control strong, magic-like powers. When they appear and travel to Earth, they are engulfed in a flickering blue fire. A black, crystalline rock called glirsht can be used as beacons to guide the Aldrain to Earth from The Ageless Realm.

The Aldrain are referred to by a wide variety of names:

  • dwenda
  • Vanishing Folk
  • Witch Folk
  • Eldar Race
  • Shining Immortal Ones

Prominent Aldrain referred to in the story are:

Other minor Aldrain characters are:

Anasharal provides the following description of their history:

Long ago the Earth was ravaged by endless conflict between alien races using hideous, unnatural weapons. Humanity fought for generations, splintering into a dozen disparate races. In the void of peace that followed came the Aldrain, claiming a prior heritage, an ownership of Earth predating the conflict.
They built an empire that lasted seven thousand years, using magic as a way of life. They created human kings with dark powers to serve them.
The enemies of the Aldrain spent those seven thousand years figuring out how to master the new magic, and summoned the Kiriath to defeat the Aldrain.
During their time on Earth, they walked freely among Humans just like the Kiriath. They even had friendships with Humans and intermarried, though they rarely had children together.

Most of the trilogy involves the pursuit of the Aldrain to reconquer the Earth after the Kiriath have gone. They have pockets of Human allies, particularly the cabal in Trelayne.