An-Kirilnar (the City of Phantom Hunters) is a floating Kiriath city located near the Hironish isles. Anasharal is responsible for sending Archeth on a quest to find the city.

The Illwrack Changeling was entombed on an island (the Ghost Isle, the Chain's Last Link) near the Hironish isles. His lover cast an enchantment around the island, sweeping it up into the margin of the Aldrain marches. But since the magic was incomplete, the island reemerges periodically. The Kiriath clan Halkanirinakral commissioned the construction of An-Kirilnar to keep watch on the Ghost Isle, to guard against the return of the Illwrack Changeling. It shadows the Ghost Isle in and out of the Gray Places.

The Warhelm Tharalanangharst resides at An-Kirilnar.