Angfal is a Kiriath Helmsman who is affixed to the wall of Archeth's east wing study in Yhelteth. It was given instructions by Grashgal to watch over Archeth after the Kiriath left.

It appears as a large, organic, and complex machine about 20 feet wide and 10 feet tall. The central part appears like a giant spider.

It was once the helmsman of the wrecked flagship Sung Through Lava Like the Petal of an Autumn Rose on the Scorching Late-Summer Breeze ("Rose Petal in Autumn Fire" for short).

Archeth often consults with Angfal, despite the fact that the helmsman can often be cryptic. Some of the topics that have come up during those discussions are:

  • Claims that the Kiriath stopped at Earth only because they were shipwrecked and couldn't continue in the quick paths.
  • Claims that the Kiriath all died when they left Earth.
  • During discussions in The Cold Commands, Angfal is unable (or unwilling) to directly answer Archeth's questions, perhaps because the instructions for him to protect Archeth conflict with the overall Kiriath mission. He also explicitly prevents Anasharal from being able to listen to their conversations.