Archeth "Archidi" Indamaninarmal is one of the heroes of the saga. She is half human, half Kiriath. She is approximately 207 years old.


Her mother, Nantara, is human and died of old age. Her Father, Flaradnam, died during a retreat at the battle of Gallows Gap.


When Archeth was about 200 years old, the Kiriath decided to leave Earth. Grashgal, a Kiriath captain, would not take her with the rest of the Kiriath. She is the last of the Kiriath on earth.

Archeth has a mixed relationship with Kiriath technology. On one side, she has a temptation, attributed to her mother, to dismiss Kiriath technology as magic and to not understand it. On the other hand, she is well known as a tinkerer and will work on old, broken Kiriath machines (such as fireships).

She periodically consults with a helmsman named Angfal who is affixed to the wall of her east wing study. She makes periodic trips to An-Monal to keep in touch with her Kiriath roots, and will speak with another helmsman there, Manathan.

Personal LifeEdit

Archeth is addicted to krinzanz. All throughout The Cold Commands, she is attempting to go cold turkey and is often wrestling with the addiction, only to give up at the end.

At the beginning of The Steel Remains, the emperor sends one of his harem girls, Ishgrim, to stay at Archeth's house as a "gift". Archeth is a lesbian and though she is not in a relationship, she refuses to have sex with Ishgrim because she is a slave. However, she finally gives in towards the end of The Cold Commands.


TODO: Involvement in war, the burning of Ennishmin.

Current AffairsEdit

Archeth lives on the Boulevard of the Ineffable Divine in Yhelteth. Her majordomo is Kefanin, once a slave, is an outlander (though now a citizen) and was castrated at age 15.

Archeth is part of the royal court of the Yhelteth Empire. She is a trusted adviser of the emperor, and is often involved in close council with him. Archeth tries to use her position to help steer human affairs in a direction of greater stability. This is a topic where she conflicts with Ringil who does not see the Empire's way as being any better.

During The Steel Remains, she murders a Citadel invigilator-advocate and several livery when they forcibly took Elith from her house. This causes great tension between the Empire and the Citadel, and puts her at danger from repercussion from the Citadel, who already have a distaste for anything Kiriath related.

Fighting StyleEdit

Archeth prefers the use of knives which are secured at various points on her person. She has named her knives: Bandgleam ("narrower than the rest, eager and skipping white in the sun"), Laughing Girl, Quarterless, Wraithslayer, and Falling Angel.

Other RelationshipsEdit

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  • Her horse's name is Idrashan.
  • Speaks Naomic, Tethanne, and High Kir.
  • Was a member of the Kiriath Council of Captains.