Cormorion Ilusilin Mayne, commonly known as the Illwrack Changeling, was a Human taken by the Illwrack clan to the Ageless Realm and raised as a warrior, and became known as the Dark King (not to be confused with Hoiran). The Dark Defiles deals with Risgillen's attempts to resurrect the Dark King within Ringil's body.


Anasharal provides a history of the Illwrack Changeling: The Illwrack Changeling was born of a noble house, singled out for his beauty by a young Illwrack scion, and taken to the Aldrain realm where he developed his power. He was ushered through the Dark Gate younger than any the Aldrain had ever taken before, and wrapped the first of his own cold legion about him while he was still in his teens.

"When the Kiriath destroyed Hannais M’hen in the last stages of the Twilight war, the Ilwrack Changeling was at the head of the Aldrain forces and their human allies. But he was betrayed— some say by a lover, others claim it was a diplomatic deceit of the Kiriath. Perhaps, in the end, it was both. At any rate, when he discovered the betrayal, it’s said he fell into a paroxysm of rage and grief, and was taken for dead. The dwenda forces fell back without his body, and vanished into the Gray Places." He wasn't dead, the dwenda were in disarray and misunderstood the situation. A small group of human supporters carried the body to an islet near the Hironish isles. The Changeling's Aldrain lover came later, in secret, to the tomb, but could not wake him. So he or she cast an enchantment around the whole island, sweeping it up into the margin of the Aldrain marches. But the magic was hurried and incomplete and it's said the island emerges from time to time and stands solid again in the ocean.

He was trapped in a sword that he was buried with. After four thousand years, the sword was dug up by a group of Hironish, who are Aldrain worshipers. The sword was sent to Trelayne, to start a ceremony that will bring back the Aldrain. Risgillen uses the sword to resurrect the Dark King within Ringil's body, but Ringil fights back and kills the Illwrack Changeling.


Anasharal says this of the term "Changeling":

"Changeling is technically a misnomer, a misappropriated marsh dweller myth applied to those among the human ruling classes who were chosen for their great beauty and strength of intellect by the Aldrain overlords, and borne away at an early age to learn the culture of the Ageless Realm. It was, in its way, not much different from the military training noble males receive in the Empire or the League today. Then as now, their mothers must bid them farewell, give them up into the arms of terrible strangers, and mourn their long absences."