Dakovash is a member of the Dark Court. He sometimes appears with a leather hat and cloak.

Other names he goes by are:

  • Takavach (Majak)
    • Takavach the Many Faced
  • The Salt Lord
  • Akoyavash (in Hjel's pantheon)


  • He warns and assists Egar when his brothers attack him.
  • Talks to Ringil while he is running with Eril after killing Poppy Snarl, and temporarily sends him to the Gray Places.
  • Egar thinks Takavach saved Archeth when their ship crashed in the storms.
  • Appears to Archeth after being catapulted from An-Kirilnar, explains the complex web of events he and Kwelgrish have woven, and warns her about Kwelgrish protecting Poltar.
  • Claims to be responsible for saving Ringil by sending out the merroigai when he let himself by carried too far out to sea at Lanatray in his youth.
  • He gives Ringil a grain of krinzanz after he unleashes the Source.