The Dark Court is a group of "gods" who appear in several mythologies among various groups.

The Dark Court fought on the side of the Kiriath against the dwenda. They are generally much stronger than the ikinri 'ska. By the codes written by the Book-Keepers, they grant wishes to those who call for them, but they must be genuine and from the heart and soul.

The group is known by various names:

  • The Dark Court: Common name currently in use.
  • Ahn Foi: Ancient name used thousands of years ago.
  • Immortal Watch: Another rare, ancient name.
  • Sky Dwellers: Used by the Majak. The Majak afterlife is referred to as Sky Home.
  • Hoiran's Band
  • Murderers of the "Muhn"

Members of the Dark Court include:

Altered Carbon Edit

Many of the names of the Dark Watch have similarities to names from Richard K. Morgan's other books of the Altered Carbon universe. [1]

  • Ahn Foi - Envoy
  • Dakovash - Takeshi Kovacs
  • Kwelgrish - Quellcrist Falconer
  • Firfirdar - Virgina Vidaura
  • Hoiran - Harlan

Also, curiously, Eskiath is an anagram of Takeshi.

References Edit