Egar the Dragonbane is one of the heroes of the saga. He is of the Majak people and was clanmaster of the Skaranak clan. He is a proficient warrior and is deadly with a Majak staff lance.


He has sired close to a dozen children, and is well known for being promiscuous. He was married to Lara, who divorced him. His father is Erkan, who died in a stampede.

He is the second youngest of four other brothers:

  • Alrag - The eldest, readily gets into fights when drunk.
  • Ergund - Speaks his dream of Kelgris to Poltar. He does not have ambitions of being clanmaster, but he is not happy with how Egar was running the clan.
  • Gant - Does not ride out to attack Egar during his vigil, though he dislikes Egar as clanmaster.
  • Ershal - The youngest, proficient with the short bow.

Egar's brothers disapproved of how he was leading the clan. They set out to kill him while Egar is on a vigil to his father's grave. Takavach appears and warns Egar of the attack. Alrag and Ergund are killed during the fight by Takavach's grass creatures. Ershal escapes and returns to the Skaranak camp. Egar is now an exile of his clan, and moves on to work for Archeth.


Egar fought in The War with the Scaled Folk. He defeated a dragon at Damlarashan with Ringil.

In Yhelteth, he would sleep with a woman named Imrana. He later returns to her during The Cold Commands.


  • Egar no longer uses krinzanz. In the summer of '49 he got very sick by overdosing on a high-quality supply from some of Imrana's friends, and now just the taste of it makes him sick.