Firfirdar is Queen of the Dark Court. She is married to Hoiran. She is sometimes depicted surrounded in flames.

Other names she goes by are:

  • Dark Queen
  • Mistress of Dice and Death
  • Vividara the Dark (in Hjel's pantheon)

She doesn't make any direct, significant appearances until The Dark Defiles. In the croft in the Hironish Isles she appears to Ringil as a beautiful corpse in a dark cloak, and warns him about the dwenda among other things. At the end she speaks to Ringil when he takes control of the Codes.

She has appeared to Ringil and assisted him in secret several times:

  • As a fortune teller at Trelayne's Eastern Gate.
  • "At the river, when the first of the Cold gathered to you, and your passage to the Dark Gate began."
  • She sent the Black Sail gang, a ship of corpses, to take Ringil back to his world.

There is a temple to Firfirdar in the Glades in Trelayne.

To Hjel, the manifestation of Vividara to Ringil is a sign that chaos and destruction will be coming.