In 2015, RIchard Morgan, Gollancz and Liber Primus Games teamed up to create a game based on the "A Land Fit For Heroes". The game was published on the 4th of November and is available to download on the Apple Appstore, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. According the press release, a PC version will be released around Christmas, 2015.

The first game is set in the shadows of The Steel Remains, so while Ringil, Archeth and Egar are closing in on the dwenda, the main protagonists of the game are doing the same, loosely following the course of the original book.

The Trelayne nobleman, Kirellin of House Caith, survivor of Rajal Beach is sent to the marshes to solve the mystery of missing children. Kirellin is a deeply troubled war veteran, suffering from post-traumatic stress. He's a skilled butcher, armed with two identical Kiriath falchions, which he uses with almost-unnatural dexterity.

Calnar, a Majak of the Ishlinak clan, tries to find the grave of his late father. The young Calnar was repeatedly raped by his abusive father, so he love and utmost hatred mix in his soul. His quest turns out to be much more than finding the resting place of Ohlja.

Ilaria is a master thief in the city of Yhelteth. Her childhood is filled with violence and grief, so she's wearing the mask of the Toughest Bitch in the Empire. She is approached by Nethena Gral and offered to lead an expedition to the Beksenara Marshes to find a Kiriath artifact. During her journey, she faces many-many difficulties and ultimately, finds her true self.

The game is unique in two aspects:

  1. It is a multiplayer gamebook. Either one player can read and play in solo mode, or three players in multiplayer mode. One of them plays Kirellin, the second plays Calnar and the third one is Ilaria. They must cooperate during their travels, share information, secrets and items. The last chapter of the gamebook loses the first person angle and the three players "read" together, defeating the main villains of the book.
  2. Players can choose the sexual orientation of their character. As it is an 18+ game filled with violence, sex and grim scenes, players can opt to have either homosexual or heterosexual characters. The different scenes are written to reflect this choice, so the romantic and sexual encounters of the characters are depending on this.