The Kiriath are a race of humanoid beings who lived on Earth for thousands of years. They are primarily engineers with very advanced technology. The have very black colored skin. They are essentially immortal, as they do not die from old age, though they may be killed by conventional means. Their language is called High Kir.


The Kiriath traveled the quick paths through space to arrive at Earth four thousand years ago. The quick paths are entered through high pressure areas under the earth, and the Kiriath are said to have volcanic origins. Angfal claims that the Kiriath did not choose to stop at Earth, but were shipwrecked there. It is believed that traveling through the quick paths damaged their minds, and they stopped only because they feared continuing in the quick paths would break them. Many of the Kiriath wandered into the desert, and died as they "forgot to eat". Anasharal claims that the enemies of the Aldrain used magic they learned from the Aldrain to bring the Kiriath through the hidden gates in the bowels of the Earth to defeat the Aldrain.

When the Kiriath arrived, they fought the Aldrain, eventually driving them away from Earth and into the Ageless Realm. They deployed a cataclysmic weapon at Ennishmin in a decisive battle to defeat the Aldrain. After thousands of years, knowledge of the Aldrain faded into legend.

During The War with the Scaled Folk, the Kiriath were an instrumental part of driving back the scaled folk. The Kiriath were allies with the humans and particularly the Yhelteth Empire. They tried to steer the Empire to "serve the Kiriath for a mission, or a means to other ends, or maybe just a hobby".

A few months after the war, the Kiriath decided to leave. They were unhappy how they were being pulled in to the Empire's disputes. They left behind Archeth along with several helmsmen. They left from An-Monal in their fireships entering the quick paths. Their fate is unknown. Angfal claims they all died when they reentered the quick paths because they were weakened.

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