Kwelgrish is a member of the Dark Court. Her brother is Hoiran. She is sometimes depicted as carrying a blood-drenched towel pressed to an ancient wound in her head. She is also seen wearing a wolf-skin robe, appearing as a wolf, or surrounded by wolves.

Other names she goes by are:

  • Kelgris (Majak)
  • Mistress of First Blood and the Falcon


  • Appears secretly to Ringil as Lady Quilien of Gris in Hinerion, and is a passenger on the boat he takes to Yhelteth. She saves Ringil from the plague.
  • She is known to work in concert with Dakovash.
  • She is the protector of Poltar, first appearing to him as a prostitute in Ishlin-ichan.
  • She appears to Archeth in Ishlin-ichan, warning her to stop her revenge quest.