Poltar Wolfeye is the chief shaman of the Skaranak, who worship the Sky Dwellers.

Poltar is in conflict with Egar who angers Poltar. On a trip to Ishlin-ichan he goes to the brothel of Madam Anjana called "Ajana's Place", a place he has frequented in the past. In a sadistic scene with a young woman, Kelgris takes possession of the girl and tells him his prayers have been heard, and that if he pleases the gods they may do something to vindicate him for what Egar had done. She also tells Poltar to be chaste and breaks his penis.

Ergund visits Poltar and tells him about a dream which has a message from Kelgris that Egar's time as clanmaster is over. Kelgris later appears to Poltar again after the celebration of Greasing Night.