Ravensfriend is the Kiriath sword given to Ringil by Grashgal. It was forged by Grashgal at An-Monal for the clan Indamaninarmal.

It is described as a yard and a half of tempered Kiriath steel, bluish in color, and lightweight for its size. Kiriath blades like Ravensfriend hold an eternal edge, and can cut through things like chain link like it is cotton.

Ringil wears it over his shoulder in a Kiriath scabbard made of gleaming iridescent Kiriath alloys. The scabbard automatically splits apart when the sword is partially unsheathed.

Kiriath weapons have an essence that creates a bond with its user over time. This bond provides a "locational awareness, predictive sympathetic resonance" as described by Tharalanangharst.

Ringil gave it the name Ravensfriend based on its actual name. Archeth provides this rough translation:

I am Welcomed in the Home of Ravens and Other Scavengers in the Wake of Warriors, I am Friend to Carrion Crows and Wolves. I am Carry Me and Kill with Me, and Die with Me Where the Road Ends. I am not the Honeyed Promise of Length of Life in Years to Come, I am the Iron Promise of Never Being a Slave.

Grashgal once had a vision of the sword hanging in a museum in a city where there is no war. This vision had particular interest to Ringil as he held a desire to live in that age of peace. However, several different sources explain to him that it is impossible for him to go there.