The War with the Scaled Folk was a great war between the humans of the Yhelteth Empire and the Trelayne League against the Scaled Folk. It started in the summer of '49. A purplish black marine muck of flowering mats of kelp ("dragondrift") started washing up on the western shores. It caused problems with shipping and fishing, but no aggressive action was taken to deal with it. Then, about four months later, the Scaled Folk started hatching from them.

Dragons tear themselves out of the dragondrift first. Then a couple of hundred reptile peons and the higher-caste Scaled Folk come out afterward. The dragondrift then begins to rot. Some can still be found on the open oceans.

When it became clear that the Empire needed help, the emperor Akal asked the Kiriath for help. With their help, along with the people of Trelayne and the Majak, they were eventually able to turn back the Scaled Folk and defeat them. The war lasted about 5 years, and it ended approximately seven years ago. The Kiriath left only a few months after the war.

Important BattlesEdit

Rajal BeachEdit

Rajal Beach is where Naranash and many other people died, a defeat for the humans. Ringil has many dark memories from this.

Gallows GapEdit

Gallows Gap is where Flaradnam died. Ringil and Grashgal led the final charge towards victory.

Siege of TrelayneEdit

The Siege of Trelayne happened a year after Gallows Gap. Ringil claims to have played only a minor part in turning back the siege against the city.


Demlarashan is where Egar and Ringil killed a dragon.


The Empire, towards the end of the war, led by Akal, quelled an uprising here killing many citizens. Archeth was part of the attack.