Trelayne is a city in the Naom coastal plain, around the river Trel's tributaries. It is an area of mudflat and marsh and mangroves. It was originally called Trel-a-lahayn, which means "blessed refuge" in the Myrlic language. The people of Trelayne speak Naomic. Their religious god is named Hoiran.

The Eastern Gate of the city is the location where they hang cages for criminals sentenced to death. This is where Jelim was sentenced to die for his acts with Ringil.

The GladesEdit

The Glades is a district of wealthy and upper class people in Trelayne. It has always been an area of wealth, but once was a location of docks on the river Trel. The Eskiath House is located in the Glades, as well as the home of Milacar

The ChancelleryEdit

The Trelayne Chancellery is the seat of political power in Trelayne. The Committee for Public Morals, run by Murmin Kaad, is a part of the Chancellery. They enforce "public morals", such as the ban on homosexuality, and preventing Shalak from selling Aldrain artifacts.

Trelayne LeagueEdit

The Trelayne League is an alliance of cities and territories around Trelayne that is the main counterpoint to the Yhelteth Empire. It has a strong emphasis in trading and it consists of many merchants. In the past, when the Empire attacked the League, the Empire was turned back by the surprising viciousness of the Majak mercenaries that the League hired. At this time, there is a weak peace between the Empire and the League. During The War with the Scaled Folk, the Empire and the League allied together to fight the scaled folk.

The League had abolished slavery two centuries ago, but recently has started trading in slaves again. They often use people from northern mercantile states and "free cities" to pay off war debts. These northerners are distinguished by being pale-skinned and long-limbed.


  • Ringil is a knight graduate of the Trelayne Academy.
  • The currency of the League is the Florin.
  • The Siege of Trelayne was an important battle during The War with the Scaled Folk in '53 (roughly eight years ago). Ringil fought in this battle in which they succeeded turning back the scaled folk.