The Yhelteth Empire is a large empire towards the south. It was originally nine united tribes, but now there are only seven. The capital city called Yhelteth resides on the coast. Their primary language is Tethanne.

Many people in the empire are members of The Revelation, the local religion run by the Citadel. The relationship between the Empire and the Citadel is often strained. The Empire used the Citadel to help recruit soldiers for it during The War with the Scaled Folk. However, their relationship has deteriorated.


The emperors of the Yhelteth empire in order are:

  1. Sabal Khimran I
  2. Jhiral Khimran I
  3. Sabal Khimran II
  4. Akal Khimran
  5. Jhiral Khimran II


  • The official currency of the empire is the Empire Elemental coin. The exchange rate of elementals to Trelayne florins is 70:120.